Virtual Therapy Cheat Sheet

Why Virtual? 

  • Whether you are receiving Virtual therapy, exclusively or an adjunct to office visits, it is an easy way to get the support your child needs. Virtual therapy (or Telehealth) is similar to Skype or FaceTime, and allows you to have access to your therapist from the comfort of your own home.
  • At first when I started offering virtual therapy as an option for clients, I was worried it would feel cold, impersonal, or disconnected.  I was also nervous that online therapy sessions would keep me from providing the best services to the young people and families I work with, but I was completely wrong!  
  • Most clients say when they are in the comfort of their own home they feel more relaxed, regulated, and able to do their therapeutic work.  Some clients actually say the connection can be better than in the office. Virtual sessions are very similar to the therapy services you receive in the office.  The good news is there is no confusing software to download and all you need is an internet connection, web camera, and some headphones. 

How do I start? 

  • All online counseling sessions will be held on (unless there is a technical issue at which point we may switch to Zoom), which is similar to Skype or FaceTime but is a secure HIPAA Compliant program.  A few minutes before the session click the link below and wait for the session to start login go to:
  • Login Name: Enter your initials
  • You will not need to download any special apps or programs, however you will need to enable your webcam and microphone.  You will use this same link each therapy session. 

Tips for a great Online Therapy appointment:  

  • Make sure you are in a quiet environment and free of distractions 
  • Download a white noise app and place it outside of the room for privacy and confidentiality 
  • Use headphones for better call audio 
  • Make sure you are using a fast internet speed or Ethernet cable 
  • Close out of unused programs 
  • Use the latest version of your web browser 
  • Adjust the lighting so you can be seen clearly (lighting in front of you, not behind).

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