Marriage and Couples

Marriage counseling, or couples counseling, is designed for healing, growing, and developing strong, resilient, and happy marriages. Couples therapy is for any couple that is struggling through a difficult season or issue. It is for relationships that may be need a small tune up. It is also for those seeking to start off their marriage or relationship with a strong and healthy foundation. We also offer Prepare-Enrich curriculum for those interested.

Children and Adolescents

There are any number of reasons that parents may be concerned for their children. CFC seeks to walk alongside parents as they navigate the issues and problems with their children. Some of the most common reasons for bringing children and adolescents to therapy include anxiety, problems in school, difficulty at home, attention problems, as well as helping young people cope with trauma or abuse. CFC seeks to serve you and your child by providing a safe place for your child to work through his or her emotional issues. Our goals are to help you and your children to cope well with the stresses of growing up, dealing with change, and/or recovering from trauma.


Many people seek to better themselves through therapy and counseling. You may decide to work with a therapist for many different reasons. It may be to deal with a mental health issue, something traumatic, or you may just want a place that you are heard and cared for. No matter what the reason, you are welcome. We want to walk alongside you as you grow, heal, and process the concerns and issues that you carry every day. Our goal is to help you to navigate the problems you face as you become the person you want to be.


In this busy world that we live in, it is hard to keep up with our own schedules. At times, some people will want therapy but do not know where to fit it in. Teletherapy offers solutions to these issues by letting you see a therapist between busy appointments and meetings. It also allows you to stay comfortable and safe in your own home.


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